About us

Have you ever been stuck without a book to read? Every couple months I would scroll through my kindle or browse through my bookshelves looking for a book to read and come across a series that I never finished. And why didn't I finish it? Because the next book had not been released! It probably hadn't even been written yet!

So I would spend some time googling around, trying to find information about what's next in a series. Some books were close enough to a release that they had a publication date and were available to pre-order on Amazon. Most didn't even have a title and had only a vague time frame of spring 2016 or something similar. I couldn't figure out a good way to track books with a soft release date and so I created wheretheheckismybook.com

WTHMB keeps track of every book that you're waiting for. It lets you watch books and receive email alerts when the release date changes, approaches, and arrives. WTHMB constantly pulls the latest information from Amazon.com. When a book is available for pre-order you will be notified right away.

I hope WTHMB helps others who are having similar problems tracking book releases. I would love to get feedback from users on what works, what sucks, and what features you would like have. Use the form below to send me a note.

Thanks and enjoy wheretheheckismybook.com!


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